Designed specifically with sport bikes in mind, the CRG Supersport Clutch Lever brings together key features for Supersport / Superstock racing and Custom Sportbikes.

The large diameter detent-click adjuster wheel allows for on-the-fly cable slack adjustment.

Two 16mm outer diameter shell bearings, are spaced in a wide clevis configuration. This design offers unmatched slop-free, friction free lever action. Perch mounts to handlebar with a Teflon sleeve to allow the assembly to rotate on bar in a tip over condition.

As with the rest of the Roll-A-Click lever line, youíll find six position adjustability, to compensate for clutch system wear, system thermal changes, and hand sizes.

When using other aftermarket clutch perches on Sportbikes the Starter safety switch needs to be disabled. A truly streetbike compatible assembly, the CRG Supersport clutch accommodates late model Starter Safety switches.*

Designed in conjunction with the CRG Roll-A-Click lever line, the CRG Supersport Clutch is the perfect companion for bikes equipped with the CRG Roll-A-Click brake lever.

*accepts Honda switch part# 35335-MCJ-750, Yamaha switch part# 4XV-82917-01-00, Suzuki switch part# 57560 0500.

$239.95 ea. Standard
$259.95 ea.
Available online

Cable Housing end to Cable anchor center
(range of adjustment)
38mm - 53mm
  Maximum Cable anchor Diameter 8.50mm
  Maximum Cable Housing Diameter 8.00mm
  Maximum Cable Diameter 2.50mm

This lever should not be used on any motorcycle, or in any application, other than specified. Doing so could result in serious bodily injury, a crash, and/or equipment damage. This component should be installed by a certified mechanic or qualified technician. It is intended for closed course race applications only.
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