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NEW! Full Spectrum of Color Roll-a-Click levers (including chrome) available at ROLL-A-CLICK.COM.

The Roll-A-Click is a truly on-the-fly position adjustable lever, designed for OEM style master cylinders. The miniature "clicker" lever controls a roller cam assembly, giving riders the ability to manipulate lever position while riding. Brake fade and clutch adjustments can be tuned in with ease. Our CRG Roll-a-Click levers are the same as those used by all AMA factory Supersport and Superstock teams.

$109.95 ea.
Available online


This lever should not be used on any motorcycle, or in any application, other than specified. Doing so could result in serious bodily injury, a crash, and/or equipment damage. This component should be installed by a certified mechanic or qualified technician. It is intended for closed course race applications only.
Constructors Racing Group, LLC | Made in the U.S.A.