Composite and CNC Machine Component Development and Manufacturing

Constructors Racing Group is the combined disciplines of design, engineering, and fabrication devoted to the creation of high performance composite and machined metal parts. The photos below are linked to enlargements. This portfolio was designed to show some of our past work, and the breadth of our capabilities. Please enjoy. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us. (831) 763-7811.

We cater primarily to the racing and race products industry, but also have experience with the aerospace, high tech, medical and sporting goods markets.

In the world of motor sports, the word "constructors" is associated with the development/fabrication shops which create the worlds most exotic race machines. In the premier race series' there are two championships being contended, the driver's (rider's) championship and the constructor's championship (otherwise known as the manufacturer's championship).

Racing equipment and racing products are purpose built for performance. The best materials and processes are used. Today's best are built from high performance composite and machined billet. This is what we are about.

Racing equipment and racing products are associated wit focused objective, creativity, and rapid development cycles. This is what we are about.


Structural composites are structural fiber strands set in a resin medium. There are virtually infinite combinations of fibers and resins, but carbon/epoxy is the most common used in the high performance applications. In theory composites exhibit the ultimate combined characteristics in specific strength, (strength to weight ratio), toughness and fatigue resistance. In practice some common composite processing methods are not able to produce these optimal results. Traditional fabrication methods are inherently challenged in creating complex closed section parts favored for chassis applications, for example. Typical solutions include joining multiple open parts after forming, back forming the composite materials with non-controlled tooling (e.g. inflatable bladders), foam or honeycomb. There is a better way.

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) using our proprietary processes is our composite speciality. While most common composite processing methods use prepreg (fibers previously resin impregnated), RTM involves creating dry fiber preforms, which are impregnated with resin while in the mold. Conventional RTM processing has limitations, like prepreg processing, but we have developed new technologies which have opened up a whole new world of design possibilities.

The Lost Poly Core System gives us the capability to create complex, hollow section parts. The Varied Metered Injection Resin System allows us to create a uniform resin impregnation and therefore specify wall thickness variation of .016" to .300" within the same part.

Billet Metal Components

Components machined from billet, are a mainstay of metal part production. This has been particularly so since the advent of the computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines. The ability to rapidly develop and tool for low to moderate quantity production make the process particularly well suited for racing and racing product applications.

We have machining experience with a large variety of materials including titanium, steel, aluminum, plastics and machinable foams. By far, our capabilities are best suited for aluminum part development and production. Few machining businesses can excel at all facets of this virtually limitless field; we specialize in chassis, suspension, and control system components. The tolerances, materials, form factors and run sizes typically associated with these items tend to be the best fit for our operation.